Leslie 225

A couple of weeks ago, I found a cheap Leslie 225 for sale locally. I grabbed it with the intention of trying it with my Hammond H-382, to get the fast/slow spinning sound.

The Leslie 225, is one of the less desirable models… It’s a two-speed (fast/slow) single rotor (a single full band 12″ rotor, instead of a upper horn rotor and 15″ bass rotor). It the Decorator cabinet (which does not easily fit in a car!!!!) of the model 125 that has a standard leslie cabinet and is powered by a 20 watt tube amp (2X6L6).

I plan to connect it to my organ and maybe add an upper rotor to it. Alternatively, I’ve heard that it is a decent speaker to get a Leslie guitar sound… So I’ll also give that a try.

I’ll show you how, I connect a Leslie with a 6W pinout (145, 147, 125, 225, etc) to an Hammond H-Series in a future post.

Pictures of course…

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